Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Fallensword - Game Review

Ok this is going to be a different spin to my usual game reviews. Most of my reviews have been about games for console and PC. This game review is going to be on a game that is played on the PC (probably can be played on consoles with browsers) but it is not your usual PC game.

Fallensword is a browser based game, and like many other browser based games, it is rather addicting. I would include a trailer video for the game that they have but its not avaliable for search on youtube so here is a link:

The combat isn't that flashy and its text based so you can use your imagination if you want. The main reason why I play it is because I have made lots of friends while doing so and its kept me coming back even after I take a while off.

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Friday, June 10, 2011

I Saw the Devil - Movie Review

Movie:  I Saw the Devil (2010) [Akmareul boatda (original title)]
Rating: R
Crime, Drama, Horror, Thiller

I am going to try to include trailers for the movies and games I review. Do you think its a good idea? Also, should I include more than one trailer if its different?

This was a very good movie, a solid 8, maybe even a 8.5 or a 9 if I had a subbed version of the movie. As I did not I missed out on a few key details; so if you decide to see this movie try and find a subbed version if you don't speak Korean.

The story-line for the movie is simple: A cop hunts down a serial killer whose victim was the cop's wife. What makes this movie special from other movies is the way he treats the killer once he finds him. This part is where understanding the dialog comes in handy and since I didn't have a subbed version of the movie and I don't understand Korean, I missed out.

If you like movies with gore in it than you won't be disappointed. If you get queasy easily than you don't have to fear either because gore scenes don't happen too often within the movie.

In conclusion: Go watch it. Make sure you either understand Korean or have a subbed version. Dubbed is ok too, but if you are a real movie fan like me than you'd want to hear the original dialog even if you don't understand it. Don't watch this movie during a date unless you know she or he likes this kinda thing.

I Saw the Devil [Blu-ray]
I Saw the Devil

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Thursday, June 9, 2011

day9tv - Youtube gamimg channel reviews

 Most of you know about this channel already. Sorry for others that don't, but its another Starcraft 2 channel :P

He does some very good analysis of Starcraft 2 games in his show called Day9 Daily. He is also a very famous caster and an gamer

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New Blog

I made a new blog for non-gaming and entertainment kinda stuff. Please follow it :)

-Also sorry for no movie review like I promised, I had a dentist appointment which got canceled and then got canceled again today. :(

Monday, June 6, 2011

Over 200! - Personal Gaming

Well everyone does one so I thought I should too. Now over 200 subscribers and hopefully growing everyday!

Hopefully you guys have me on morning coffee or something or maybe you are actually checking in on if I've posted something new :P Either way, Thanks for all the support.

-Look for a new Movie Review tomorrow On "I saw the Devil". Just watched it today when I was eating, that was a bit of a mistake.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Laptop Decision - Personal Gaming

Sorry to those that are waiting for reviews but I just haven't had the time to do much else but work and look for a new laptop. As for the new youtube gamer thing that I am looking to pick up...well there haven't been any that I would jump on right now. There are a few that are good but those are usually quite well known and for the most port I've been watching Youtube channels that are about comedy recently.

For a laptop Ive spoken to my dad and he says that the best ones to get are made my Sony then Asus then HP. So I think instead of getting an HP this time I'll get a Sony Vaio one. The one that I've been looking at is:


The thing is they are basically the same one but the more expensive one apparently has a bluray dvd drive and the other doesn't. Not to mention it comes with a game and a headset. I think I like the head set but I don't care for the game and those added items don't seem to make up for the $100 different unless the headset is worth more than $100. I did an search on the headset (by look since newegg di8dn't provide any information about it) and found out 2 headsets that match the one they are offering. One is around $60 and the other is around $120. They both look the same but one is obviously newer and better, I can't tell which one they include with the laptop though since there is no distiguishing marks. If my hunch is correct though, its the cheaper one which would mean I should buy the cheaper laptop since the added items are a waste. Then again the bluray disc drive might be worth it though I don't plan on buying any dvds anytime I guess it isn't worth it eh?.

Any thoughts? or if someone has bought this stuff before do you know which one is included?

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New laptop - Pesonal Gaming

A few months ago I was stupid and spilled water onto my laptop. Its got lost by the post office so I can't even try to send it in for repairs anymore, meaning I need a new one.

I've been looking around for one but haven't really decided on one yet. I usually use but the laptop that I used to have is no longer sold much to my dismay. I usually buy my laptops so that they can play games even though a desktop is better for this I go to college so bring a Desktop back and forth is such a bother.

I usually look for an i7 or i5 or a AMD quad core with a screen size of no more than 15.6in. I had one that was around 17 in but it weighed too much to lug around school all the time. Price its too big of a deal but obviously cheaper and great is better for a student.

Anyone have any opinions on which one to get for gaming? i7 over i5 probably but what about i7 over AMD quad-core?