Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Fallensword - Game Review

Ok this is going to be a different spin to my usual game reviews. Most of my reviews have been about games for console and PC. This game review is going to be on a game that is played on the PC (probably can be played on consoles with browsers) but it is not your usual PC game.

Fallensword is a browser based game, and like many other browser based games, it is rather addicting. I would include a trailer video for the game that they have but its not avaliable for search on youtube so here is a link:

The combat isn't that flashy and its text based so you can use your imagination if you want. The main reason why I play it is because I have made lots of friends while doing so and its kept me coming back even after I take a while off.

If you are interested in joining or checking it out you can help me by clicking on this: CLICK ME!

Thanks a bunch!

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